Winter Meadow Homes is operated by Ben Boxx RN. Ben started his career as an EMT in the 1980's.  Ben persued a career in nursing in 2004 by obtaining his LPN. Ben went on to continue his career by attending Washburn University in Topeka Kansas and earned his BSN in 2008.

Winter Meadow Homes is co- operated and ran by his wife Darlene Boxx LPN. Darlene has worked in long term care facilities for more than twenty four years.  Darlene started as a CNA in the 1980's.  Darlene persued a career in Nursing in 2004 by obtaining her LPN.  She is continuing her education and hopes to have her RN degree in the near furture. 

Here at Winter Meadows Homes we work closely with our resdients to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs - whether it be asistance with dressing, managing care, activities, outtings with family and friends, meals and much more. We believe in open communication as a key to achieving your desired goals. And we pride ourselves on providing the best care possible to our residents.